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The term Feng Shui comes from the following poem which describes desirable living conditions

 When the winds is mild.
 The sun is Bright.
 The Water is clear.
 The  Trees are Lush.

 Feng Shui literally means 'Wind (feng) "Water"(shui) and is the name for an intuitive practice that seeks to bring people and their environment into the most positive relationship...And then the sky will have a new Light .It is another World.

 Amid confusion~  Peace ~ a festive air Upon coming into its presence ones eyes are opened.. If one sits or lays, Ones Heart grows Joyful. Here the Chi gathers and the essence  collects Light shines in the Middle then Magic goes out to all sides.
Quote by Steven Post my teacher from MJE Feng shui school

Pamela has been a Practitioner of the art of feng shui for 25 years and is a Certified Gradate Class of 2002 Senior student of BTB Master Training Program MJE learning center in NYC & GEO Feng Shui/Geomancy school Geo Feng Shui School with Great Teachers.(established by Professor Lin Yun he brought the Art to the USA) Along with Pro Master Yun Lin in depth Teachings ,Professor Lin Yun emphasizes identifying chi (energy flow)as the first step, Feng Shui expert,"according to Professor Lin Yun" are at once the Priests and Doctors of the environmentally ill. They hold the sacred and profound knowledge of the fates of man and earth ,As Priests they read and interpret both visible and invisible signs and positive forces in the cosmos, They define man's place in the Universe, As Doctor say detect the Earth's pulse, determining where man will live the most healthy ,productive, prosperous and happy life, and where buildings will least disturb the earth's circulation. Being receptive to the environment, the feng shui expert can analyze physical settings, such as mountains, trees, wind, water and star alignments, most likely the early feng shui person was a rainmaker, He gathers information from his surroundings ,reading signs and forewarnings in breezes, leaf colors, moon rings, the smell of rain, insects and animal behavior  rock moisture and stars, waves. For all the mysteries that surround it   .feng shui geomancy evolve simple obervations that people are affected for good or ill by their surroundings ,the layout and orientation of their workplaces and homes" By observing the space and chi, appropriate adjustments can then be made in the environment for many different outcomes This is my life work. I love being of service in it all.

 for appointments call or email Pamela and fees will be discuss

 according to the job~ home or business

 Zen Chi University

 Pamela Sophia Ray

Feng Shui Cosmologist / Geomancer/ Teacher / Native American studies

 Light Therapist for the Crystal Light Bed from brazil

 Casa de Dom Inacio -

 Dharma Teacher/ Practitioner - Zen consultant







What is Feng Shui?

According to H.H. Grandmaster Lin Yun, founder of  Feng Shui is a way of using all of our available knowledge to create the most comfortable and supportive living and working environments. Ultimately is is a way to create harmony and balance between a person and their living and working environments. 

​​While based on ancient Chinese /Tibetan /Zen /shamanic  / Buddhist/ Hawaiian / Hindu / Tao philosophy such as Yin-Yang Theory, Chi, and traditional Feng Shui, Professor Lin Yun's Black Sect teachings are the most useful, up-to-date and compatible with modern science and design. For these reasons, Zen Chi Feng Shui is the most commonly practiced Feng Shui technique in the United States. Master Lin Yun says "feng Shui Master are of every trade to help in every way  in what is needed for that case .

 Master Cosmologist Feng Shui Teacher

Pamela Sophia Rays -had been a practitioner for 25 years of the Art Of Feng Shui , Certified Graduated of HH Professor Lin Yun 's school  in NYC BTB Feng Shui -Dharma /Zen Buddhist Practitioner  / Light therapist for the john of God crystal light bed from Brazil Casa de Dom Inacio & Medium

Three year Certified Feng Shui program

3 Years, 3 Levels, 3 Certificates

 1st year

  •  included in First Year Tuition
  •  A Home Consultation [$1,000 value]
  • Teachers are Feng Shui Masters
  • 100 hours classroom training per year
  • ​18+ hours of on-site consultations
  • 10+ hours of Mentoring for your personal and professional issues  and those of your own clients.
  • Strong support from teachers and peers, during and after training.
  • Begin supervised paid consultations early in your training.


  • Tuition is due prior to each session. Late fees may apply on unpaid balances, beyond first day of the sessions
  • we meet 4 times a year for 4 days,  with mentoring between sessions
  • 1st year Tuition payed yearly / 300.00 deposit when sign up -no refunds / $ 4'000 per year / 30 student  limit


  • Interview with Pamela Sophia Rays 
  • You have taken 1 introduction feng shui class

Unique Features & Benefits / Graduate Benefits:

  • Access to mentoring for life.
  • May revisit classes at no cost.
  • Continued support system from teachers and peers.
  • Professional Training - "It 's All about the Chi "

 Our program offers teacher continuity and a depth of training that allows students to develop inner strength, learn to manifest their intentions and design environments that create maximum harmony and support for those who live and work there.
​Awarded at the completion of Levels I, II, and III, our certificates confirm the depth of knowledge, experience and commitment our students achieve along the way. 
​While there are many ways to learn Feng Shui, earning certification from the Zen Chi Feng Shui Masters Training Program is the best way to assure your clients that you are a qualified Feng Shui consultant who has the training and skills to support them at a very deep level.
​Beyond book learning, we help students develop their intuition, inner strength and manifest their intentions. We mentor students through their individual transformational processes while teaching traditional theories with a modern approach. Our graduates value the process, the results and the powerful techniques they develop to help themselves and others.

Pamela Sophia Rays -Feng Shui Teacher / practitioner /Zen
Zenchiuniversity@windstream.net zenchiuniversity.com

Classes will be held at Sacred Grove retreat in Gold Hill NC 4 x A year for 3 years .
Rooms with be available on the grounds of teachings arranged with Ellen Whiteside at sacred grove .
Contact Ellen Whiteside - Sacred Grove retreat for room on grounds .
(704) 299-5124

Introduction "It's all about the Chi "
February 25 2017 10-1 -230-5

1st year

March 2017
June 2017
September 2017
January 2018  - 1st year graduation ceremony


Introduction It's all about the Chi "
Feb 25 2018

 Year 2
March 2018
June 2018
September 2018
January 2018 - 2rd year graduation ceremony

Year 3
March 2019
June 2019
September 2019
January 2019 3rd year graduation ceremony

Chi chi chi ...

Pamela Sophia Rays
zenchiuniversity@windstream.net zenchiuniversity.com